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Wolf History, Conservation, Ecology and Behavior
Wolfology E-cyclopedia
Canis lupus labradorius
In the old classification, C.l. labradorius was found in northern Quebec and described as similar to C.l. lycaon of eastern Canada.
Canis lupus ligoni
Located on the Alexander Archipelago and, according to Goldman (1937), on the adjacent mainland of southeastern Alaska, this dark-colored, medium-sized subspecies was described as similar to C.l. gigas of southwestern Washington.
Canis lupus lycaon
The eastern timber wolf. Schreber gave the wolf occurring in eastern Canada the name lycaon based on Buffon's description of a "loup noir" (a female wolf) captured in Canada and transported to Paris by a French naval officer. Nowak (2002) suggests that C.l. lycaon may be the result of hybridization between C. rufus and C. lupus.